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We are seeking support crew for the site ranging from writers, reviewers, researchers, designers, brainstormers etc. If you are interested send us an email listing your skills and
what you can bring to the project.
Please note that none of the positions
pay anything other than thanks & gratitude.

We also welcome any submissions to the site. Either by email or
you can use the submissions form.

Mailing list:
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Other features now available:

The WLIIA? Contact List
  WLIIA? Obscure References

WLIIA? Erroneous Facts   The World's Worst Page

Haddock Gel  The Guestbook

Coming soon/returning soon:
The WLIIA? Real Audio Gallery, Real Video Gallery, Clive Abuse, Drew Abuse, The Twigets Zone, The Stores, Members Only, WLSE, and much more.

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